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Shamanic Healing Sessions with Julene Jones

It is my heartfelt honor to be able to provide healing services to those who seek to find peace and healing for their body, mind and spirit, and to understand themselves in a deeper and more meaningful way.
Core Shamanism
Core Shamanism

Core Shamanism is a system designed for Westerners to apply shamanism and shamanic healing successfully to their daily lives. Shamans work with the spirit of the soul and heal at the soul level. They gain knowledge from working with animal spirits, human spirits and ancestors that have been alive previously on earth and who want to assist people in healing. A Core Shamanism Practitioner will shift their awareness through repetitive sounds such as a drum or a rattle to communicate with their compassionate helping spirits and teachers, to see what is needed for you on a spiritual level. These methods used are those common features that many indigenous tribes throughout history have used and continue to use for healing.

For more information on Core Shamanism, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and its founder Michael Harner, click on the following link. (Foundation for Shamanic Studies)

As a past and current healing practitioner of 18 years using other methods of healing for the body and spirit, I find that Core Shamanism is profoundly effective for people who seek deep and transformative healing.

I currently offer the following Core Shamanic healing practices.

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Hot Stone Therapy with Reiki Energy Healing

Provides Soothing Energy Balance and Grounding

Hot Stone Therapy is done with the aid of smooth hot basalt stones blended with Swedish massage strokes. The heat of the stones takes the body into a deeper state of relaxation and releases tension in muscles. The basalt stones help the body to release toxins and provides soothing energy balancing and grounding.

Reiki can be defined as a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, or spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a wonderful way to reconnect with the deeper part of yourself and renew your body, and spirit.

Hot Stone Therapy combined with Reiki Energy Healing will leave you feeling like are ready to face your life and the world with a renewed sense of balance and peace.

While Hot Stone Therapy with Reiki Energy Healing is frequently done as a wonderful stand-alone session, it can and often is done following a Shamanic Healing session for deeper integration of the healing work that was done during the Shamanic Healing session.

Hot Stone Therapy

Julene Jones

About Julene Jones

Julene Jones has many years of experience working in the healing arts field. Her areas of expertise include 20 years as an accomplished Massage Therapist, including Hot Stone Therapy, and Reiki Practitioner providing healing for body, mind and spirit. Further studies in Core Shamanism through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies has enhanced gifts she has had since a young child and gives her a multitude of powerful tools with which to assist healing on a deep level. She is a passionate, loving and gifted practitioner.

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Julene Jones
Serving Denver, Arvada and Surrounding Areas

I can’t say enough about Julene and the work she does. I have had a couple of sessions with her now and found them both to very powerful.

In the first session she did a divination and power animal retrieval. It was a very fascinating and revealing process. The second session she did an extraction healing and that was extremely powerful for me. I have done so much work on myself over the years but there was a piece I just didn’t know how to get to. Her process allowed this piece to not only be revealed but come up to the surface to be released in a very visceral way.

I will definitely be recommending her to others and will look forward to doing more work with her in the future when the need arises.