Core Shamanism
Shamanic Divination

One of the classic healing practices in shamanism, divination involves your practitioner journeying, and/or using other techniques, to get answers to a question from his/her unconditional helping spirits and teachers. Answers are given either in direct or metaphorical language that is valid for your life at this time. People often seek help in this way for solving problems or finding the answers to important life questions.

Power Animal Retrieval

In indigenous cultures all people are thought to have guardian power animals from childhood on. A person may have several over their lifetime. Power Animal Retrieval is a healing where the practitioner goes on a journey through drumming and/or rattling to locate a power animal that is wanting to work with you; and brings back this power animal energy to assist you. A particular power animal can come to help you with an issue that is very specific to you. Shamanic practice honors and acknowledges the wisdom that exists in all things. Everything is believed to have something to teach you and animals have a wealth of wisdom, power and protection to offer you.

Extraction Healing

This shamanic healing work involves your practitioner removing a spiritual intrusion with guidance from his/her spirit teachers and helpers. Intrusions come from difficult realities of life here in the middle world and can cause emotional and physical issues. An intrusion does not have any intelligence, knowledge or power. It is simply energy that does not belong in the body. We can unintentionally pick up this energy in the middle world through trauma, heavy emotional circumstances, fright, and many other ways. A person may not notice that they have an intrusion but may benefit from having it removed. Removing intrusions can assist with improving health of the body, mental and physical.

Soul Retrieval

Soul can be described as the spiritual essence of a person that is required for them to be alive, Soul loss is the experience of an essential part of us leaving and not able to make its’ way back. Sometimes a person will describe that they feel like they are missing a part of themselves or may not feel like they are quite whole. Soul loss can take place as a result of accidents, shock, trauma, surgery, loss, abuse and many other reasons. When soul loss has taken place, a person may feel disempowered and more susceptible to illness, misfortune, addictions, etc. Soul Retrieval is the experience of having that essential part of lost power retrieved and returned to you through your practitioner’s shamanic journeying. If your practitioner’s spirit teachers indicate that a Soul Retrieval is needed, once it has been done, it can be a significant and life-changing healing.

Psychopomp Healing

The word “psychopomp” means to lead souls. This refers to the work of the practitioner in helping the souls of people who have died to complete their journey to the spirit world. If a person’s death has been sudden and the result of an accident, violence, or suicide, that person’s soul may remain in the middle world and they may need assistance and healing to be able to transcend to the spirit world and to their ultimate healing. A shamanic practioner is trained to journey and locate souls who are suffering, and with their permission assist them in crossing to the spirit world.

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